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Create a website for your activity that includes (3) main lists: the home page, services, and activity identity in addition to communication channels, with reserving a domain name commensurate with the activity for a year, and hosting for a year.

Design a sale page

We design a smart marketing selling page for your activity to raise your potential customers' conversion rates into real customers

Manage advertising campaigns

Plan advertising campaigns, choose the appropriate marketing channels, organize and coordinate the launch and follow-up of advertising campaigns, and improve visibility on search engines.

The Cost

Package price is 2999 SAR

 $ 799 USD

The package includes (the advertising campaign budget for a week includes: Advertising on a social media platform and Google ads with its management of 500 Saudi riyals, 133 US dollars)

In the event that the client wishes to intensify the media campaign, the required budget shall be agreed upon during the agreement sessions

Design Logo  

Design unique logo that it is inspired by the type of activity in a symmetrical and harmonious way

Creating advertising content

We write attractive content for you that aims to motivate the visitor to take action on your page (buy, subscribe, request, communicate .......)

Two sessions online

The visitor reserves two sessions according to the schedule of appointments available on the site and during this first session the customer’s request is reviewed and an agreement is reached on the required service, and in the second session the service is presented and reviewed in preparation for the service delivery.

Advertising Video

Video is one of the digital media that helps improve the marketing process of your activity and attract the target audience

Create Ad campaigns

We create ad campaigns for you to promote your site through the most appropriate social media platform and through Google ads to target the audience interested in your activity.

Technical Support

Providing free technical support services for a period of one month, calculated from the date the service is delivered to the customer