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Design a sale page

We design a smart marketing selling page for your activity to raise your potential customers' conversion rates into real customers

Ad campaign management

Planning the advertising campaign, choosing the appropriate marketing channel, organizing and coordinating the launch, following up and directing the advertising campaign process towards the best performance

Creating advertising content

We write attractive content that aims to motivate the visitor to take action on your page (buy, subscribe, request, communicate....)

Online session

The visitor reserves a session according to the schedule of appointments available on the site, and during this session the customer’s request is reviewed and the required service is agreed upon

Create an ad campaign

We create an ad campaign for you to promote your page on the most appropriate social media platform to target the audience interested in your activity

The cost

Package price 999 SAR

  $ 266 USD

The package includes (the budget for the media campaign for a week with its management of 200 Saudi riyals, 53 US dollars)

In the event that the client wishes to intensify the media campaign, the required budget shall be agreed upon during the agreement session